Sunday, June 7, 2015

"A home run by Jose Pirela.... Jose Pirela, a happy fella!"

The Master even had a call ready for Jose Pirela.

That's being prepared.


John M said...

I'm really amazed. 'A happy fella???' He blew it??

EVERYONE knows the musical was called "The Most Happy Fella." And it would've worked great: "Jose Pirlea, a most happy fella!" has much better cadence than the line does when you leave out "most."

A heavy disappointment. Shattering.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I will tell you....

....Alphonso's pessimism aside...

....and despite the simmering concern about our pitching staff...

....and despite the same concern about our bullpen...

....and despite our frustration about the fact that Didi Gregorius and Stephen Drew constitute the core of our infield...

I enjoyed the HELL out of listening to today's game.

When CC gave up two home runs to the first two batters -- "a-back to back, and a-belly to belly" -- and when the 3rd batter -- of the friggin' game -- laced a double, I almost fired out a blistering series of emails to Yankees friends underscoring how much our life sucks.

But then the boys turned it around.

The Angels committed a BONEheaded baserunning error and cost themselves a run

Then,Gregorius hit a move-'em-over shot to the 2nd baseman and brought in a run. I knew right then we'd be ok.

It was a fun day.

Yes, please, let's cherish this one.


Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

From regarding The Draft:

“If they select a hitter, it has been projected that the Yankees could take a run at University of Cincinnati outfielder Ian Happ, outfielder Garrett Whitley from Niskayuna (N.Y.) High, outfielder Trenton Clark from Richland (Texas) High and catcher Chris Betts from Wilson High in Long Beach, Calif.”

So potentially we could have:

Chasen Shreeve
Chase Headley
Chase Whitley
Garrett Whitley
Garrett Jones

Let’s see The Master keep track of that!

Alex said...

I just heard the replay--The Master did say "MOST happy fella." Have your hearing aid checked, duque.