Saturday, June 6, 2015

After eight years of waiting, the Yankees watch Pat Venditte outperform their own sorry bullpen

Last night, God laughed at the New York Yankees.

Pat Venditte, the guy we monitored for eight years - eight frickin' years! - go up and down, rise and fall, pitch well and never rate so much as a September cup of coffee, finally reached the big-time, while we got to witness the last dregs of Esmil Rogers' career splatter against the Angels' windshield.

Eight years, we had the guy. He could have made history as a Yankee. Eight years.


Mikegyro said...


jdrny said...

Rogers looking pretty bad.

Alphonso said...

It took the ghosts of Charlie Finley to give him a debut. The Yanks ain't no Charlie Finley.

They are suits with a checkbook. Only.

Good for the bilateral minority.