Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two Things....both ugly and rotten

The first thing is minor, but opens a window to the truth.  That is;  in today's poll about what the Yankees should do as the trade deadline looms, a crucial choice has been omitted.  And it is the choice the Yankees will make;

"Trade whatever prospects it takes to get  bloated contracts of lousy, old guys with excellent CA's, but no ability to play. " That is;  get more Beltrans.

The second thing is;  the Yankees are getting too predictable.  I stayed up last night to watch the beginning of the west coast game at whatever ungodly hour it was.

I was encouraged when Brett continued his hot streak by blasting a double to right center.  Then, predictably but inexplicably, Young ( a former Met remember ) doesn't bunt him over to third.  This is the top of the god-shit first inning.  And no one is out.  A run would be good.  Instead, Young hacks away and  weakly pops out ( thinking HR, I'm sure ), leading to the end of the inning courtesy of the guys who won't hit against the shift.

As early as the end of the first inning, when the Angels only ( note only ) got one run, I fucking knew this game was over.  And it is because the Yankees refuse to play baseball.  They never bunt the runner over.  Not even when every text book calls for it.

This is a team desperate for offense.  Desperate for runs.  Bunt Brett over and give the team a chance.

 Girardi is a shitty manager.  Cashman is worse, as a GM.

We are going down like Greece.


JoeformerlyofBrooklyn said...

Does it or does it not seem to you WEIRD that the Ys bunch their runs together?

Team has scored the 2nd-most runs in baseball (Toronto is #1). Yet they lose a bunch of games with 0 or 1 or 2 runs.

How can that be?

In part, it's what our hero (writing Ugly + Rotten) is saying. Our manager runs the team for big innings. You give up an out with the bunt, you get fewer big innings.

QUESTION IS: If Ellsbury comes back, will he come back at 100pct of what he was b4, or some smaller percentage (like 73%)....? When Miller comes back, is he the closer? If he is, or even if he is the 8th inning guy, will he be effective?

If you've got Ellsbury + Gardner + Dellin + Miller, maybe you've got something, no matter what the GM or MGR screw up (or do not screw up).

But you might not have these. This makes the team MUCH more vulnerable to dumb decisions, doesn't it?

John M said...

I happen to be luxuriating in the 110 degree heat of Palm Springs, CA, and trying with some success to avoid most sports and all news. But I do have to say that Girardi IS a shitty manager.

By the by, I see that our heroes in pinstripes were 1 for 10 with RISP yesterday, and that 1, which brought home our only run, was by A-Rod. Chris Young, the terror from Metville, was 0-4 in potential RBI situations.

It's getting late early out there this year.

jdrny said...

Could not agree more with Girardi being a shitty manager..

No bunting. But, no Miguel Cabrera either to justify swinging away in bunt situations.