Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mason Williams is next: Are the Yankees showcasing these guys for a trade?

In the last few weeks, the Yankees have unveiled...

1, Slade Heathcott, who homered, and then tweaked a gonad
2. Ramon Flores, who threw out base-runners, and then got demoted
3. Jose Pirela, who homered, and today has been demoted
4. Mason Williams, who arrives tonight.
5. The current population of Guam at 2B, including somebody named Tony Renda, whom they just got from the Nats today.
6. The cast of "19 and Counting" in the bullpen, starting Esmil Rogers as the Oopsy Duggar.

Soon, Brian Cashman will perform major surgery on the Yankee roster. Cash needs RH bullpen help and maybe a 2B. He won't give up the likes of Judge, Jagiello, Severino, Bird, Sanchez and whomever else is stashed under the radar. But everybody above is likely on the table.

Not judging here. Not even complaining. Obviously, the 2015 team is in contention, and if Cashman can improve our chances, he's going to do it. But if you keep trading young guys year after year, regardless of how low on the prospect rankings they are, sooner or later you mess up. We might have messed up last winter by trading Manny Banuelos, and maybe last summer with Pete O'Brien. Time will tell. But this team doesn't need another Alfonso Soriano, and we already have a Chris Capuano.


Alphonso said...

But Chris was a magna graduate of Duke. Does it really matter that he can't get anyone out?

Anonymous said...

on an unrelated note, the bottom of the AL standings are looking very sweet.