Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bad form, Yankees: How could you let Mariano Jr. be drafted by another team?

I don't generally rip Yankee draft picks, because I've never seen the kids, and what do I know? (Besides, that's Alphonso's job.) I think it's fair to note whether the brain trust is picking consensus studs (Judge, Jagielo, Clarkin, et al) or playing Instant Lotto (Andrew Brackman, Cito Culver, et al), and to occasionally ask why Hal "I'm Not Cheap" Steinbrenner - whose gold extend to every horizon - is acting so - well - goddamm cheap. Even if they haven't put a first-rounder in Pinstripes since Joba Chamberlain in 2006 - (the mayfly sighting of Slade Heathcott came and went too quickly) - I still hold my tongue on the Yankees' executive. suit-coated, upper tier morons.

But yesterday, they crapped the futon.

How, how, HOW could they let Mariano Rivera's son go the Nats in the 4th round? This is a disgrace. This is the franchise that signed Mickey Mantle's son. It signed Yogi Berra's son. It signed Jim Hegan's son. It signed Thurman Munson's son. It signed Kevin Long's son. It signed Phil O'Neill's nephew. If Derek Jeter had a kid - he didn't, because he was married to the Yankees - the team would have drafted him, even if he played golf. Mariano's son is a legitimate prospect, a pitcher in the NYC area, right in front of their well picked noses, and the Yankees didn't draft him? WTF?

Now - get this: Instead of drafting Mariano Jr., they chose an OF named Jeff Hendrix from Oregon State. And no sooner did the Yankees select the poor guy than the so-called MLB experts announced that Hendrix projects to be... drum roll, please... a fourth outfielder. Yes, a fourth outfielder. A Chris Young. A Ben Francisco. A Thomas Neal. A Melky Mesa. A Zolio Almonte. A fourth outfielder. Whoopie.

Listen: I bear no ill will to Jeff Hendrix. I hope he shows me up. But the Evils slipped the bit. As of now, Mariano Rivera is a Washington National. Poorly played, Mr. Cashman... poorly played.


John M said...

Instant karma's gonna get us. Gonna knock us off our feet.

The Yankees brass are douchebags. That's why we're gonna get beat.

Anonymous said...

didn't the Yankees draft young Rivera last year....and didn't the kid turn them down?