Friday, June 19, 2015

Is it my imagination, or are the Yankees trying to make up for lost milestones?

New York has caught A-Rod Guilt Fever.

"Alex Rodriguez is the Yankees definition of redemption."

"Marlins pitcher is an ASSHO13"

"The Next Alex Rodriguez: MLB's best under age 25"

"A-Rod's comeback all about redemption"


Tex Message said...

History with an exclamation point!

Anonymous said...

via Pinstripe Alley:

" John Sterling said something remarkably poignant tonight. "There's a million terrible things in this world," he said, "and one of them happened two nights ago in South Carolina. In the grand scheme of things, a baseball player taking PEDs really doesn't mean a whole lot."

Unfortunately I was listening to Mr Kay. The master is the only sports media person with any perspective in this town