Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"The Mariners may have lost to the Yankees, 3-1, a few hours before, but Cano was over it, and on to raising money for his RC22 nonprofit.... Nina Morrison of Sparking Ice (one of the night’s sponsors) said she had made Cano her brand ambassador, and that after he attended opening day for the Mercer Island Little League, he arranged to have one team attend every Mariner home game. 'He’s authentic and he has the same DNA that we have,' she said."

The man who currently leads the American League in hitting into double-plays - with 10 - is the reigning social butterfly of Seattle. It's some Richies for Robbie.

They call it "Canoche."


KD said...

did any of you read how Cano was recently picked off first just standing there, inches from the bag, absent mindedly gazing into the outfield? and some people actually think he could have been the Yanks Captain!


KD said...

read the article. One big tax write-off and maybe a bit to charity. The super rich have a way to appear civic minded while blowing big bucks on a good time.