Thursday, June 4, 2015

Is it wrong for Yankee fans to root against Robbie Cano?

Lately, I've been hard on Robbie Cano. Maybe too hard.

The reason for my accelerated nastiness: I believed the window to mock Robbie will soon close. Soon, he'll go on a month-long tear, and what's the fun in ridiculing a player - even a zillionaire - when his numbers look good on the Jumbotron? You must strike when the gettin's good. Robbie has sucked this spring. Might as well go for it, while we can.

Another reason: Fans of other teams have no problem booing current Yankees who left their cities. Why can't we boo one? I'm tired of players saying how the thing they'll most miss is "the fans," yet Robbie walked away for a few meaningless numbers on a contract so large I cannot even fathom it. As Yankee fans, we carry the legacy - and maybe the guilt - of rooting for the most successful pro team in American sports. But we still have the right to boo.

That said, baseball is a business, not a game. The Steinbrenner clan banks more money in one year than Robbie probably will in 10. When Hal Steinbrenner pulls out his pockets and poor-mouths, that's when the booing should begin. And one other thing: Truth be told, it hurts to see Robbie Cano struggling.

Yesterday, something happened that caused me to wonder if we stand down with our boo bullets. Robbie smacked a single up the middle, where Didi Gregorius was situated. Two years ago, before the over-shifts, it was a hit. Now, it's an out. It's possible that, between the new defenses and Seattle's expansive stadium, Robbie will be permanently screwed: He may never again hit .320 with 25 home runs. He may never justify the mountain of cash that the hipsters of Seattle will forever resent being lavished on him.

I don't want that for him.

Robbie Cano should have been a great, life-long Yankee. Even now, he remains gracious in every interview about his old teammates and former city. He still has the gun, throwing out runners from the outfield. He still has that infectious smile. And every time I see him in a Mariners uniform, it still hurts.

I can't hide my feelings. I hope he never again hits against the Yankees. But maybe it's time to stand down. There are bigger fish to loathe. Looking at you, Papi.


ceeja said...

I agree. Cano was a good Yankee. Yes, there was the loafing business on routine grounders, but he also played nearly 162 games every season and he played well. Would you rank Randolph or Richardson above him? I don't think so.

Cano will get better and won't look really ugly till the last 3 years of his contract.

The real question is what are the Yankees doing to develop yount talent and then lock them in to long term deals before they go free agency. I have no confidence in the current regime and am rooting for either new ownership or an epiphany that motivates the Steinbrenners to fire everybody and hire real management.

Alphonso said...

It isn't wrong. It is meaningless and irrelevant.

Leinstery said...

I never liked him. I thought he'd stay a Yankee for life, and I always dreaded the moment when Jeter retired and they hand the crown to Cano. The thought of him being captain or even the de-facto leader made me cringe. Thankfully we dodged that. I'll take a Gardy lead team and Stephen Drew at 2nd any day. But when do you guys think the wonder boys trade everything to reacquire Dontcha Know?

ceeja said...

Just what is the plan at second base? Even if Drew gets his act together, it ain't going to be him. Don't they have to try out Refsnyder and Pirella there? Maybe Pirella would be better with regular play. What do you really have to lose by biting the bullet and handing the job to the kids? If they don't cut it, then there are new kids or trades or signings to try. But you got to try the kids first.

KD said...

Poor Robbie. now he has money but he's tucked away in a place nobody thinks about unless they want to go kayaking or want to hear awful music. I bet even JayZ has stopped returning his calls.

joe de pastry said...

Of course not. He's not a Yankee, so he's the enemy. Except when he's playing against the Red Sux.