Monday, June 15, 2015

AJ Burnett yesterday

Nine innings.

No runs.

No walks.

Five hits.

Four strikeouts.

If Seinfeld were still on the air, Jerry Stiller would be yelling at Cashman, "HOW COULD YOU GIVE AWAY AJ BURNETT?"

And yet some self-loathing Yankee fans still defend the brain trust for giving him away.

(Correction: I sincerely apologize to all astute Yankee defenders of the realm, for wrongfully suggesting that the Yankees gave away AJ Burnett. They most certainly did NOT give him away. They traded him for Exicardo Cayones and Diego Moreno.)


ceeja said...

Not sure why fans hated Burnett and Hughes so much. They did win a championship with those 2 guys. Very inconsistent, but they are still both a net positive. Hughes is struggling a bit this year, but he had a very good year last year and would still be good enough to get a job on our staff. We got nothing for these two guys. We just had a temper tantrum and dumped them both, and then felt good because they were both so frustrating. Bottom line is that you have to get the most out your players and they are not all going to be Whitey Ford.

BUT, if the "brain" trust had decided that the future was not with these guys, wasn't there a way to package them up and trade them for something?

Vengeance74 said...

Lighten up Francis he was 8-18 last year with Philly. For some reason he pitches way better in a pirate uniform.

Mustang said...

if you were trying to wind me up, Duque, you failed.

John M said...

I think Ed Whitson was really good in San Diego, or some other backwater.

Not that we didn't give AJ away. But just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Get Aids el duque.