Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Let's Be Honest......

By every measure known to man, the Yankee brain trust has just blown another draft.

Using league financial thresholds as the guide, Brian and his band of outlaws has just "plucked" another group of back-ups to back-ups for our farm system.  The number one pick is already close to his mid twenties, as he stretches out the course work at UCLA to remain " baseball eligible."

Have you ever seen UCLA?  The whole Brentwood/ Westwood part of LA?  The access to beaches, the glorious campus,  the blonds with personality and brains?  No one wants to leave that campus.

But the Yankee brain trust and their minions do not fool us.  The Lone Ranger sees evil and stamps it out, wherever and whenever it exists.

I am assured by this masked man of dubious sexual identity, that not a single member ( his word, not mine ) of the Yankee 2015 draft will ever be more than a back-up at AA.  Think Tyler Austin multiplied by 7 ( after today's riotous 4 are added).

And don't think you can parry the masked man's view by saying;  " the draft is a crap shoot;  you can't tell for 5 years who might turn out a good or great player, etc." 

It is a crap shoot, all right, when Brian Cashman orchestrates it.  Crap is rife.  In steamy piles.

A large conglomeration of dung is now Yankee property.  Let's trot one or more of them out to the stadium, and put a camera on them.

We got nothing.  "Hi, Ho Silver, Away" ( lot's of cowboys speak like this to their horses ).

Put 'em all in jail.


ceeja said...

Also, the draft is such a crapshoot that if any of these guys fills any kind of a MLB roster spot in the future, it's a successful pick. The Yanks made what appeared to be some safe picks with the benefit of proven college level track records. Probably the right thing to do.

So far, the Yanks have been good about giving themselves a chance for lightening to strike by preserving their 1st and second round picks. Where I fault the organization is their seeming unwillingness to promote these guys and give them a fair chance to either succeed or fail. We don't exactly have Nettles at third and Richardson at

ceeja said...

Sorry, my comments got garbled.

My point is that I'm not disappointed the Yanks made some safe picks that may result in a fourth outfielder or a middle of the rotation guy or a good defensive shortstop. What's wrong with that? You need that to win. And unless you want to tank for ten years and stockpile number 1 picks, what are you going to do?

My frustration is that the Yanks don't seem to manage and promote their young players very well. Give them a chance to either succeed or fail. The present team is not murderer's row. There is plenty of room right nor for Refsnyder and Pirella to get real playing time and to show what they are worth.

Alphonso said...

As you know, if you follow my logic, I assume all the picks will be garbage. That anything done under Cashman's organization and leadership will be garbage.

I think he is decisively harmful to the organization and should be terminated.

Sadly, this doesn't occur and we plod on from mediocrity to mediocrity, interrupted by the occasional egregious tossing of huge amounts of cash after former stars.

Leaving us with an unbearably uninteresting team, and no hope for a future.

So why get excited about any draft pick?