Monday, June 8, 2015

Dear Yankees, Draft the two best guys available in the first round, and then draft Mariano Jr.

If you must, draft him in the first round. I don't care. Just make sure you draft the son of Mariano Rivera. (Let's not have another Yoan Moncada situation, OK?)

Oh, and while you're negotiating with the family, ask the kid's dad if he'd ever like to be a pitching coach.


ceeja said...

I've been following this too. Looks like the Yanks picked Rivera up in the 29th round. Always good kharma to do the right thing. Maybe the morons who manage the Yankees aren't completely incompetent and stupid.

ceeja said...

My bad -- I take it back. I was looking at a story from last year. Yanks drafted Rivera but he chose to spend another year in school. We'll see if he goes higher this year and if the Yanks take him.

Anonymous said...

Did the Yankees actually draft someone named Angelo Gumbs? You got to be shitting me. He can't be a real person. Someone had to have pulled this name from the Cartoon Network. Wasn't Angelo Gumbs a character on Stephen Universe?