Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mike Axisa, say it ain't so


bella said...

Good post .

Anonymous said...

This was an absolute bullshit article. I knew way before I got to the end, this moron was going to declare the Yank collapse was worse. I got news for this jerk; if Torre had a halfway decent starting pitcher in either game 6 or 7, the Yanks would have had a much greater opportunity to hold off the sux. Joe had dildo #1 and dildo #2 for games 6 and 7. He knew this did not look good. The Falcons total folderoo was worse because it was their coaches who did their players in. Instead of eating up some clock with Freeman and their running game, their jackass OC kept heaving the ball and allowed Brady back onto the field to toy with their gassed defense who was on the field for over 90 (YES 90 plus) fucking plays. With over 3 minutes left, the Atlanta defense was cooked, finished, spent. After Jones incredible catch, three running plays to eat some time up, then a field goal would have won it. Simple.