Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why Duque Is Wrong About the Chris Carter Signing

I have great respect for El Duque, let me say that upfront. However, his kind of activism is not productive. It is not making the Yankees' future success safer. 

His latest decision on the Chris Carter signing is a case in point. His analysis is woefully misguided.

Carter is the linchpin in our strategy to make the Yankees great again. His signing is typical of where the genius of Halle and Bri-Bri lies. We don't need starting pitchers. We'll cover some starts with bullpen guys who get three or two or one inning(s) in a game; it's not important. The crucial part of any American League team, since the Designated Hitter rule was introduced in 1927, is the DH rotation. The so-called "experts" may deride it, but getting the right DH rotation in place has been key to nearly every AL Championship team from the late 1920s to last year's 2019 season. You can look it up on Breitbart. The facts are all there.

We need to get off this meme about starting pitchers, who don't really matter a whit, and start looking at why we need a solid four- or five-man DH squad. Think of the possibilities for Joey Binders. It exploits his greatest strength:  the ability to match an individual player perfectly to an individual game situation. This is what has won us the AL crown these past seven years, and played an important role in our dominance of NL teams during the World Series, even in NL parks. You don't have to believe me. It has been exhaustively covered by RedState and other highly regarded journalistic websites.

Isn't it time we collectively took our heads out of the sand? Clearly, the successes of the past decade have shown that the Yankees leadership is made up of sound and inspired decision makers. Their lack of tweets should not be held against them. And anyone who disagrees with what they are doing should just shut up and go find another team to root for.

I hope I've made myself clear. God bless the New York Yankees.


Alphonso said...

Very good pick-up. Duque is unhinged sometimes and you jumped right on it.

el duque said...

I stand corrected, out here in the woodshed.

joe de pastry said...

Carter makes more sense than Holliday because he's younger and under control for 2 years. But Holliday + Carter makes no sense. One decent starting pitcher would have been a better investment.