Thursday, February 9, 2017

Question of the day: Do the Yankees need a Charles Oakley?

Last night, the disgraceful, unforgivable, multi-generational mediocrity of the NY Knickerbockers came to a head on the oaken shoulders of Charles Oakley, the former power forward. Oak was arrested for shouting insults at Knicks owner James Dolan, and had to be "escorted" from the game by police.

Wish I had a tape of what he was yelling. Whatever he said, it's true.

As far as the Yankees are concerned, it's waaaaaay too early to set fire to 2017. And for all our misery, the Yankees cannot be compared to the Knicks. The only comparison to the Knicks would be the Washington Generals, traditional rivals of the Globetrotters. But if the Yankees collapse by mid-summer, and the front office tries to hide its mismanagement by trading youth for big name players - a signature Knicks policy - we'll need a Charles Oakley.

It won't come from anybody working at YES. They'll just criticize the rookies and marvel at the incredible deals the Yankees pulled off by jettisoning them. Nope. Our Oakley will have to be somebody off the books, who has a history of barking and getting in trouble.

My guess:

David Wells.

Boomer, stay ready.

Who else?


KD said...

While David Cone isn't exactly off the books, he does speak his mind from time to time. My bet is on Coney

KD said...

Just read the story. And yes, Coney wouldnt punch any security guards. Can't really see any living Yankee losing control like that. I think we'd need to reach back the the Bronx Zoo days.

Steve M. said...

Paul O'niell

Alphonso said...

Is Ron Coomer still in town? Maybe if we can put a few drinks into him.....

Anonymous said...

We need to call on Billy's Ghost!! Billy woulda' punched 'em.... LB (No J)

Anonymous said...