Monday, February 6, 2017

To mirror NFL, baseball should change its overtime rule

Why bother to play the bottom of the 10th? Do it like the NFL, and simply end the game when the first run scores. Why be fair and let both teams come to bat?

Okay, Atlanta was going to lose last night, somehow. They had fallen apart. And Brady is great - no argument. But the Falcons offense deserved a chance to score.

By the fourth quarter, NFL defenses are shot, and good QBs roll down the field. It's wrong that a Super Bowl would be determined, in part, by the coin flip. Last night, that's what happened.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Commenter in the NY Times: Their incredible come-from-ahead loss makes the Falcons the Hillary Clinton of football.

Brian Costello of the NY Post: Some would say the fifth ring is one for the thumb, but for the Patriots this was a ring to be worn on their middle fingers...


Anonymous said...

More like appalling, imho.

Playing the devil's advocate, and thereby showing the folly of that you appear to be arguing in favor of, is once again, briliant, Duque: a tip of my Yankee hat to you!! LB (No J)

John M said...

Sudden death overtime is ridiculous. I thought we got rid of that years ago, but apparently not.