Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ten most vapid comments from today's "State of the Yankees" address from Prince Hal

Today, Hal Steinbrenner rendered unto humanity his observations on the 2017 Yankees.

He said the following.

1. "We have to prove ourselves."

2. "We’ve got a good thing going, everybody’s excited about it."

3. “We love Joe. Joe is one of many people who work in this organization who have contracts."

4. "Joe’s a very smart guy. And there’s a lot of aspects to it, particularly when you’re in New York City."

5. "I think he (Brian Cashman) has done great,”

6. "I can tell you one thing a successful season is to me, and that’s staying healthy."

7. "We’re always going to field a championship-caliber team."

8. "The process is what the process is."

9. "Jacoby’s a great player. He comes to play every day."

10. "The stats are what the stats are."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I still believe that he is trying to sell tickets so that he and his siblings don't have to go to work. #7 is a joke...he is delusional as per ANONYMOUS but El Cheapo is also full of s**t. -m

Rufus T. Firefly said...


The Boss would have required a WS win as a successful season.

We're back to CBS times as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty far back, Groucho!! I was still living in Iowa at that time, watchin' 'em once a week (or twice, if we were really lucky) on CBS (of course)....

Re: El Cheapo: Is he trying to sound profound, or something, by speaking in tautological sentences?? Just what I would expect from Joey Blue-Binders....

Yeah, Jake-O shows up to play every day - - except, of course, when he on the DL....or ought to be....

Sorry I missed that interview - - did he ACTUALLY say all those things?? UGH. OOF. Excise me while I throw up....

Ah, that feels better: Couldn't All-CAPS or KD maybe get their buddy, the Rumpster, to appoint El Cheapo Ambassador to somewhere far away?? Might even get ME to like the man, just a little bit....nah, just kidding. Only thing that might do that is if he went against his oligarch buddies, and REALLY did something for the "little guys" who put him in - - like get them REAL decent jobs - - not the kind that his buddy Andy Puzder would like to give 'em.

Back to El Cheapo: We gotta' get him to take a walk - - preferably, off the plank.
LB (No J)

Tom said...

the worst thing he said was how he was going to fight Bettances for every last nickel in arbitration. Asshat!

John M said...

#6. "I am so full of shit I can't even see out of my corneas."

Alphonso said...