Thursday, March 2, 2017

With less than one percent of the totals in, Judge is winning the battle of the Aarons

Aaron Judge: 
Four for 11 with a HR and a triple.
One strikeout.
Batting average: .367

Aaron Hicks:
One for nine with a double.
Two strikeouts.
Batting average: .111

Not that it matters, but in a nearby small sample universe...

Clint Frazier:
Four for 7 with 2 doubles and a triple.
Two strikeouts.
Batting average: .571

Derek Fowler:
Three for 10 with a triple.
Two strikeouts.
Batting average: .300


John M said...

Nix Hicks.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Hicks is bad. This guy can't hit. Let Frazier play and grow. The only reason Hicks is still here is because Cashman doesn't want to look back for trading for this loser

Anonymous said...

Cash-Puss has had soooo many reclamation projects gone bad, he ALREADY looks terrible - - whether he knows it, or not. Vazquez X2, FGS! Stephen Drew, Bri Roberts, aaaargh!! Kei Igawa (not technically a reclam-project, but aaaarrgh!, anyway), Pavano, anybody other teams give up on, and will come CHEAP.... LB (No J)