Sunday, February 24, 2019

I Hope My Watching Jynx Only Lasts During Spring Training.

I have returned, only marginally worse for wear.

It snowed in the desert.

My left arm and hand have little feeling, due to the rock I collided with.

But the water did not run out.

Back in civilization, I turned on MLB TV which station, of course, would be showing the World Champion red Sox game.

The announcers were so unctuous and pathetically partial, I nearly went back to the Sonora.

Here was my baseball experience;

1.  The yankees were already ahead 3-0.

2.  I missed the activity ( including the HR ) that got them there.

3.  I got to watch Boston nickel and dime their way back to a 6-3 lead.

4.  I saw Red Thunder strike out...looking unprepared.

5.  I saw a bevy of relief pitchers suck eggs ( you can send that Harvey person home today ).

6.  I saw a chance for the team to tie the game or take a lead, but no one got the clutch hit.

It seemed horribly familiar.


13bit said...

The only way out of this mess - 20 years of suckitude with one Series win - is for us to suck. To suck early, hard and continuously until Booney and Casey get canned. I know it’s not honorable and I know it’s a pipe dream, but it’s the truth.

13bit said...

Cashy, not Casey

JM said...

Rothschild, too. Don't forget Rothschild.