Thursday, February 14, 2019

Let the Self-Flagellation Begin!

Channel 2 was reporting tonight that Ma Boone made himself watch the Red Sox all the way through their World Series triumph, because he wanted to learn what could happen if you actually played all your best players in important games.

No!  I kid, I kid.  It was to give himself extra motivation.

Of course it's not true.  Dear old Boony and his big-hearted wife probably skipped down to Haiti, dug out a village or two, and adopted a few more kids.

Hey, the man's a mensch.  It's just, let's face it, that not every mensch should be a major-league manager.

Meanwhile, Otis Livingston, looking pleased as punch to be out of the NYC cold, reported how the Yanks are the early Vegas favorites to win it all, and how that was probably due to their "vastly improved pitching staff."

The same report, incidentally, added that 20 percent of that starting staff is going to be "taking it slow" this year, because of the stent in his heart.

Already, the insane corporate line starts.

"We're better than ever, eyesore!  Just help gramps there out to the mound, willya son?  Don't forget his ear trumpet."