Saturday, February 16, 2019

Logic! Use It, Don't Abuse It.

So here is a wish from our estimable friends and fellow Yankees fans over at River Avenue Blues, who have put forward "Four Ways the 2019 Yankees Could Be Better than the 2018 Yankees."

Hey, optimism is always appreciated, especially by me, whose secret, superhero identity is Dr. Doom.

But take a look at No. 4:  "Stanton is entering Year Two."

Why is this a reason to be cheerful?  Well, they tell us, "more than a few players join the Yankees and struggle in their first year, only to rebound in year two."

Fair enough—were it true.  Weirdly enough, the Bluesmen give us six examples:  Beltran, McCann, Giambi, A-Rod, Sheffield, and Teixeira.

Of that number, according to their own statistics, 3 of the 6 actually got worse in Year Two:  Giambi, Shef, and On-the-Mark.

Which means...this is a statistical proof of exactly nothing.

But we can fervently hope they're right about Giancarlo!

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JM said...

He'll likely be worse than last year. There's nobody to help him get better.