Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As baseball ponders its worst-case scenario - a four game, small market wipeout, without even close scores - could it be time to start questioning the timing?

How do you to turn a red-hot lineup into an ice-cold bucket of water?

Give it five days off.

For the Kansas City Royals, it's as if they just went through the All-Star break. Last week, they were the hottest team in baseball, but last night, they looked as if their plane just arrived from Sierra Leone. I thought bye-weeks were for the NFL.

Last week, when SF clinched the National League pennant, my first thought was, "Thank God it's over, so KC won't have to sit around for a month to play again." Surely, they'd move up the schedule.

Yeah, right. What a joke.

In this day and age, with so much flexibility... with two hungry, ticket-buying fan bases... with half the post-season having been telecast on cable stations anyway... they couldn't schedule the World Series against a garden variety weekend of college football or the NFL?

What a bunch of pussies.

Last night was a four-inning game. If the Giants win tonight, it could be a four-game series. Kansas City will have been punished for its ultimate crime: Sweeping Baltimore too quickly, too soon. If I were a Royals fan, I would be royally pissed.


KD said...

Look on the bright side of a KC collapse. maybe we won't have to endure November baseball, which seems to be the norm nowadays.

KD said...

How about a "things that can improve baseball" thread? Here are a couple of my pet peeves.

Do not start the season in April. It's too cold. (OK, maybe the last week in April would be acceptable.) No November baseball. It is an abomination and should have been confined to the 2001 postseason.

Bring back the old-fashioned double-headers to get this done.