Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breaking News: Cashman Inks Bumgarner to Yankee's Futures Contract

Brain Cashman is back to his old tricks.

He has signed this year's World Series phenom to a future Yankee contract ( like buying heating oil futures contracts ), making him a rotation regular beginning in 2030.

Cashman inked the deal late last night, details of which remain undisclosed.  Rumors however, say that Madison will be a Yankee for 7 years at $30 million per year.

The best news is that he will only be 39 when he dons the pinstripes.  Relatively young for the Yankee team.

In the meantime, anyone want to do a position by position comparison of the current Yankee roster to either the Royals or the Giants?

Anyone think the current Yankees can take a game from either of these teams?

Anyone think we are even in the same league?

 Play the same game?

It is like the Yankees are still using a horse and buggy to get across country, where everyone else is on jet planes.

Thanks, Brian,  for your draft picks, your trades, your contract negotiations, your player development team, and your foresight.

You have made us what we are.

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Bill from Manhattan said...

With the Yankees this year, at age 25, Bumgarner would be looking forward to his promotion to AA ball next year, with a promise of a AAA stint if he "really dominates."