Saturday, October 11, 2014

We Are Now Officially Dead ! Mark Down The Date.

All the Yankee suck-up beat writers are quick to jump on Kevin Long's " unacceptable" offense numbers, as a rationale for why his dismissal was so well conceived.  Sure, the termination of Kevin and the first base coach, along with two servers in the Yankee cafeteria, will turn the team around.

Surely, Kevin was in charge of the Yankee draft, right?  Similarly, the first base coach must have negotiated the deal for Beltran and the other .220 clean-up hitters loading up our lineup.

Not one of this lousy excuses for investigative journalists bothered to focus on the fact that, " you can't change water into wine."  If you give me a lumbering, old, achy 38 year old who makes more money than the GDP of many nations, and tell me he is going to hit .320, have 35-40 homers and steal 25 bases, while playing great defense, I'll tell you to go drink an entire bottle of vodka before you head to work this morning.  Do it every day, and you have a season.

To put it bluntly, the articles on Cashman's re-signing, mostly, made me puke for their lack of insight, accuracy and truth.  The facts are plain;  Cashman has presided over a disaster and never….NEVER…. should have been re-signed.

We have only old, over-paid, injury-prone, slow footed position players, because Cashman has failed completely in evaluating, developing and providing opportunity for young, athletic prospects.  We have polls now, on re-signing journeymen.  Who gives a turd?

There is a plan afoot to play A-Rod at first base ( are they trading Tex, or is it known that his wrist is totaled ?).  Remember how that worked out this year when we tried, infielders, catchers and outfielders at that spot?  Doesn't anyone on the Yankees understand that you need quality, trained, experienced people to play the positions they play?   That you can't just take anyone with a uniform and play him anywhere, and hope for a good outcome?  This isn't high school, where the best athlete can do it all.

Girardi has been hardened by the money, no doubt.  And he has track record with the Yankees.  But how can he remain silent when a parade of losers is shuffled to his dugout by Brian Cashman?   You think Buck Showalter would stand mute?

We, on this blog are the only, unwavering voices of realism and dissent on this issue, but we are voices in the wilderness.

The Yankee ownership, and the staff with whom they have surrounded themselves, are pathetic and brain-dead.  Moreover, they don't give a rat's ass about the fan base.  The people.

Much like our Congress.

We are screwed folks.  so find some other ways to enjoy your day.


Hermodorus said...

The most cogent commentary I've read on the state of the Yanx in some time. Thanks for the refreshing air of realism. Couldn't agree more.

This culture worships failure.

JM said...

It's becoming harder and harder to stay interested in this team. The burns.