Sunday, October 19, 2014

Did We Buy The Royals Yet?

Since the Yankees went out of the pennant race in June, I have been drinking more and more.

Did you know that Crown Royal shots actually taste better at 10:00am than at 10:00pm?

I use alcohol to stimulate my thinking when it comes to the Yanks.  Rather, I use it to forget everything I'm pretty sure I know.

And in today's stupor, my only hope remains:  we have to buy the Royals.

If this doesn't happen, I will just keep drinking.


Moss Klein said...

Be patient. We'll buy all their best players -- ten years from now.

manx said...

A-Rod almost got trampled by Tony Romo today.

John M said...

A-Rod was in Dallas, America's capital of ebola incompetence?

Hey, you never know.