Friday, October 10, 2014

Will the World Series turn out to be a match up of ex-Yankee strategists?

If Baltimore and San Francisco play, it will be like an assembly of successful Yankee management personnel... none of whom are working for the Yankees.


Ex-Yankee manager Buck Showalter, manager



Ex-Yankee Dave Righetti, pitching coach
Ex-Yankee Roberto Kelly, first base coach
Ex-Yankee Bam Bam Meulens, hitting coach
Ex-Yankee Joe Lefebvre, assistant hitting coach
Ex-Yankee Henry Cotto, baserunning coordinator
Ex-Yankee JT Snow, assistant
Ex-Yankee Shane Turner, coordinator of minor league development


KD said...

Looking forward to some exciting baseball tonight. Run, run, run KC!

KD said...

Yanks just signed Cashman to a three year deal.

talk about The Wrong Man....

John M said...

You said it, KD.

Go, KC!

Hey, how come we don't have any exes on the Royals? No former Yankee minor leaguers or nothin'?