Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why All The Blather?

Dear Mr. Duque;

I have told you 50 times that the stupid, team destroying decisions which constantly surround the current Yankee team, are due to one man:  Brian Cashman.

He will never use the term re-building.  He will never favor young prospects over aged, over-paid veterans.  After all, he signed them to the stupid contracts, and he will play them, come hell or high water.

The prospects you speak of, who have earned a shot due to excellent performances this season at Scranton, will wither on the vine.  Unless they hit .500 in spring training, and unless one or more of the bulky, faded roadblock veterans pulls a hammy, they won"t come north.

Even if one of the prospects does hit .500 in the spring at Tampa, Cashman can always cite the one month wonder they brought north this past season. The guy with the million dollar name, now forgotten. He ultimately bombed and was sent away.

If I could only waddle faster, I would come to your home and hit you over the head with a mallot, until you finally get it.  Cashman is the problem.

Cashman is the devil.  Yes….Cashman's decisions will make this team worse next year.  It is going to happen.

And the Steindolts are currently drooling over the terms of Casman's contract renewal, whereas they should be breaking all ties with him.  They should be detailing his failures in the media, and making certain his days in the game are finished.

Doesn't anyone care that the Yankee farm system is the joke of the league?   Doesn't wanton disregard for the future mean anything?  Doesn't two straight years out of the playoffs have relevance?

Apparently not..

 All we can hope for is endless, recurring injuries to the old, mediocre players.  Injuries are the only way young talent on the Yankees gets a chance. We fans have to hope for extensive lists of players on the DL.

The Yankees have no chance to succeed because there is no long-term planning.  There is no commitment to re-building a competitive franchise, capable of winning it all.  Because such an undertaking requires change, courage, and an honest assessment of the current situation.

There is no honesty in Cashman.  There is no courage.  There is no willingness to stare failure in the eye, and decide to do things differently.  Cashman's talent is in building expensive, wildly expensive, mediocrity.

Don't you get it?  Do I really have to pound you over the head, relentlessly with a croquet mallot?

Cashman has ruined this team, and is now about to ruin its future.

The door of opportunity is open now.  The chance still exists to dump Cashman onto the world's garbage heap.

But does anyone think Hal and Hank aren't already sucked into the delusion that Cashman is the man to bring the Yankees back?

We are doomed.  Stop tying to drown us in well-conceived ideas.

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Anonymous said...

So you're sayin' we have a chance.