Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The secret to the St. Louis Cardinals success is simple. They got rid of Beltran

They saw a 37-year-old, slow-moving outfielder with a cranky elbow... who had just wrung the last .296 season out of his failing knees... and who was seeking a three-year-deal and a pay-raise... and they said, "So long, and good luck!"

You stick Beltran's .233 average and 15 HRs in the Number 3 of the Cardinals' batting order, and do they still beat Pittsburgh by two games in the NL Central?

The Yankees say Beltran will return to form in 2015. He'll be 38. They're talking about re-signing Chase Headley, which would make A-Rod the regular DH and have Beltran play in right field.

Question: Do you think the Cardinals brass would buy into such optimism?


KD said...

If we were smart, we could be the Cardinals with money. We could hold on to our home-grown talent, unlike those small market teams. We'd have a dynasty that even Bud couldn't kill.

Alas, we are not smart.

JM said...

Once upon a time, we signed Reggie and Goose. Now we sign Beltran and McCann.

At least it's football season. Go Giants.