Friday, October 3, 2014

Who to support? Scientific analysis of Yankeedom for each playoff team

Dave Righetti: 5 (pitching coach, ex-Yank great)
Roberto Kelly: 2 (coach, ex-Yank, traded for Paul O'Neill)
Hensley Meulens: 2 (coach, ex-Yank future HOF prospect)
Joe Lefebvre: 2 (coach, ex-Yank OF prospect)
JT Snow: 1 (coach, ex-Yank farmhand, dealt for Jim Abbott)
Henry Cotto: 1 (scout, ex-Yank, broke eardrum with Q-tip)
Travis Ishikawa: 1 (momentary Yank last season)

Tyler Clippard: 4 (ex-Yank, had big hit v Mets, had great nickname "The Yankee Clippard")
Rafael Soriano: 4 (saved Yanks when Mariano hurt)
Matt Thorton: 2 (ex-Yank, disappointment)
Tony Tarasco: 2 (coach, ex-Yank, O's OF who waved at famed HR caught by Jeffrey Maier)
Bryce Harper: 1 (will be Yank when washed up, age 40)

Brad Ausmus: 5 (mgr, ex-Yank catcher)
Joba Chamberlain: 5 (ex-Yank, gnat incident in Cleveland, still beloved)
Phil Coke: 4 (ex-Yankee LP, surprisingly good career)
David Price: 1 (gave up Jeter's 3,000 hit, a HR; future Yank when washed up)
Miguel Cabrera: MINUS 2(Longtime Yankee killer)

Don Mattingly: 8 (ex-Yank great, retired number, future Yank mgr)
Carl Crawford: 1 (huge Redsock dud, fun reliving Boston pain)
Adrian Gonzalez: 1 (huge Redsock dud, ditto)

Buck Showalter: 6 (ex-Yank mgr, helped build WS teams)
Kelly Johnson: 2 (ex-Yank, traded for Drew)
JJ Hardy: 1 (might replace Jeter next April)

Don Baylor: 2 (coach, ex-Yank DH, great hitter)
Hal Morris: 2 (scout, ex-Yank prospect, squandered by mgmt)
Mike Trout: 1 (Jersey boy, future Yank, when washed-up, after age 40)

Dave Eiland: 2 (coach, ex-Yank nobody)
Dale Sveum: 2 (coach, ex-Yank nobody)

Randy Choate: 3 (long ago, Yank LOOGIE, surprising longevity)
Mike Aldretti: 1 (bench coach, ex-Yank nobody)
John Lackey: MINUS 1 (ex-Redsock star)


John M said...

Have to go with the Royals for old time's sake. We had some humdingers against them way back when, in the pine tar days.

And they do seem to deliver some crazy-ass entertainment now that they've made the playoffs again.

Not Anonymous said...

Donny Baseball, as much as I love him, is unfortunately a horrendous manager. Not only does he make ridiculous in game decisions almost daily, he seems to be often impetuous about his contract situation and on the verge of quitting whenever he's unhappy. I'll root for him, but I don't want him managing the yankees ever, sadly.

Rose City Wobblies said...

Duque ... just logged on for the first time in a while and thanks for the karmatic factoids about those SF Baseball Giants. The JuJu is working magically. Who'd of thunk we'd be up 2-0 heading back to the left coast. I actually could still see the Nats make a series of this if they get by Bummy tomorrow night - as they were so potent all season long. But with 39 yr old Hudson and 33 year old Peavy .... apparently you can not discount experience and grit - ala Yankee the Yankee strategy .... LOL. OK so Peavy was a Red Sauk last year ... but the guy is an intensity machine on a well balance squad of vets and role players ... The young un's across the diamond - not so much. And they are gripping. We want to see you in the NL Championship series Donny B-ball!