Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Teixeira: 1st in RBIs, 2nd in HRs, 5th in slugging pct, 8th in OPS (whatever that is)

He's also 12th in WAR - Wins Above Replacement.

(Some of you fogies might be confused by the exciting new Sabermetrics analyses, which make the game much simpler to understand. Come on, Uncle Fester, climb aboard the data train! 

To calculate Wins Above Replacement, merely take the number of wins and put it above the corresponding number for replacements. The resulting number is Wins Above Replacement. See? It's easy!)

By the way, it's official: Tex and A-Rod, batting third and fourth, are not Travis Hafner and Vernon Wells.

As long as they stay healthy...


Alibi Ike said...

Enough with the math already! Some of us flunked "Schoolhouse Rock"

KD said...

all these numbers presumably to help with the impossible task of predicting baseball. People should listen to the Master more and that loser from Oakland (Beane) less.