Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I Told You So

Word on the pond is that the Yankees have just put Greg Bird on the DL for 10 days, due to a sore ankle.

I told you, weeks, ago, that limping out ground balls ( as he tries to run 90 feet ) should be a signal to Yankee management that something is not right with this dude.  He is a ballplayer.  He would hustle.  That has been bred into him.

So Girardi isn't watching?

And it isn't just a soreness, folks.  He has some structural damage.  A micro fracture, or series of them, caused ( originally ) by the foul ball off his foot in St. Pete, and complicated by inadequate rest, a poor medical diagnosis and, likely, a lie by Greg as to how he is feeling ( these young guys don't want to admit injuries, and they hurt the team as a result).

The stress of playing games has caused those fractures not to heal and, likely, worsen.  Not being able to plant and adjust his feet on pitched balls, has thrown off his swing.  Duh!  Fucking Duh!  This is not just on Girardi.  It is also on Greg, for not being honest.

Tyler Austin has been out two months, because his fracture was diagnosed.  But when he returns, he'll be able to play, and not go 6-60...until he gets hurt again.

He is one of our favorite Yankees.  We love to call his number.

Greg Bird may need that much time as well.

So is Brian Mitchell the new back-up at first?



joe de pastry said...

So Chris Carter finally gets his chance.
I'm usually wrong about these things, but I think he's going to surprise most of you.

Anonymous said...

Chris Carter? No no it's going to be Refsnyder.

Anonymous said...