Thursday, May 11, 2017

Official "Three-cheers-for-the-juju-gods! Hip-hip, hooray, hip-hip, hooray, hip-hip, hooray" IT IS HIGH Game Thread

This is a great time to be a Yankee fan. (Aside from the fact that there is NO way we can win tonight.)


13bit said...

It's such a shame that we are so ill equipped to win tonight. Might as well pack up and go home. (Assuming the position)

Rufus T. Firefly said...

2 runs.

An insurmountable lead.

The Yankees should just forfeit.

...the entire season.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I think the internet died.

Might as well disband the club.

13bit said...

WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Are you all too busy getting laid or something? We need some collective juju here.

Alphonso said...

Everybody is in a bar, drinking themselves crazy, watching bowling. This Yankee team...the May team....absolutely sucks. The last two games have convinced me to give up baseball and study impressionist art.

I mean; which of us did not predict that Carter would strike out with the bases loaded? He has to be cut. And this is all Bird's fault. He built these expectations, hurt himself in a minor league game, lied about it, and subsequently ruined the team. Leaving us with Carter and Holliday and Romine playing first.

How could Gardner watch that strike three ? He was the potential tying run for cripes sake! It was a dream pitch, right down the middle with no movement. You can't pray for a better pitch.

The big horse ( the one you named MOAB, against my pleadings ) now is an easy out.

The entire team is now failing. Predictably so. There is no drama anymore. We aren't going to do a positive thing. Period.

April was a fantasy. May is the reality.

The Red Sox are on the move. It is over.

So why bother watching and talking about another fucking loss?

13bit said...

Ok, no more juju position for me. No need. I'm glad I had low expectations at the beginning of the season. I'll probably be back tomorrow but, as Michael Kay likes to bleat every few seconds, "SEE YA."

Anonymous said...

After that Marisnick throw nails our (purportedly) fastest runner at the plate for the final out, I would have a lot to say, but first I have to deal with this goddang pineapple - - aaaahhhh!

Pardon me, while I go back to the "fake Russia news"; I hereby recuse myself from further comment on this game - - Owwwww! LB (NO J)

DutchFan said...

I must admit that I felt hope, amidst the fight in my head between The Master and Morpheus. It must have clouded my judgement. And I am Dutch of course.

Listening it sounded a lot like:
"He's rounding third! He is coming home! He is........out at the plate!"