Monday, May 8, 2017

We Roll Into Cincy

But this team is a bit like the walking dead, right now.

A great win.  More proof of resilience.  Even with an imperfect " closer."

The Cubs are getting close to regaining their mojo.  A win for them last night, in the 18th ( pick an inning ), might just have launched them onto a win streak.

Now they have to keep scuffling. Despite the game announcers declaring; " we are likely watching game one of this year's world series, right now!"

Meanwhile, Cincinnati is playing championship baseball.  They are young and hungry.  Full of enthusiasm and optimism.  The New York Times featured the Reds in the sports section yesterday.  Slow news day in NYC?

In any case, they are licking their Cincinnati chops, ready to welcome a highly spirited, but physically exhausted, Yankee team.

I called John & Suzyn in their hotel bar this morning, and John promised his opening broadcast line today will be:  " the Yankees are going to need length out of their starting pitcher today."  He will then go on to list those bullpen members unavailable ( per Joe ) for tonight's game.

He made no mention of his , " It is high, it is far, it is...caught ," flub last night.

It was, after all, a long game.

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Leinstery said...

Unless Tanaka goes 8 or 9 scoreless, this team probably won't win tonight.

And what did I tell you, the Mets sweep the papers. I remember the days when winners got the headlines, not anymore. These Mets play dirty, they use the fact they are a circus to sneak their way into the lead. Well two can play that game. Mr. Levine, I know you're here lurking, how about you do us all a favor and R. Bud Dwyer yourself. Your dark cloud of incompetence will be lifted and that'll be sure to take a few newspaper pages for a couple of days. Either that or we reveal John and Suzyn's steamy love affair. The Post LOVES gossip, they'll eat that shit up for a week.