Saturday, May 6, 2017

Lest You Think Brian Has Been Sleeping.....

In a little remembered " deal," utilized to clear space on the 40 man roster for Chapman's return, Brian Cashman traded Nick Goody to Cleveland for, " future considerations."

Well the future, apparently, is now.

In most cases, deals like this result in some "cash" being passed back and forth, with everyone taking a piece, until Hal is left with enough for his latest red silk tie and haircut.

In this instance, however, the Yankees picked up a 21 year old pitcher who, while waiting for his Tommy John surgery, was managing a T-Strap shoe concession in a subway station of the DC metro link line.  He also carried, "Prada" bags, made in Nigeria.  Or so I'm told.

His first name is Yoiber  ( probably, Joe Girardi will call him, " Yoibsy".  He used to be a catcher, but he couldn't hit, and he threw better than he could catch.  So, now, he pitches ( not just shoes and bags).

In the Hospital for Special Surgery, he is listed as" Marquina, Yoiber."

Let's try something radical here.  There is nothing to lose.  Obviously, this guy will never be as good on the mound as he is in that concession stand.


This may be our best chance to create the next Tim Wakefield.  Convert him now to a knuckle ball pitcher, and he can give up hawking knock-off women's wear forever.  And, it will be something new for us to " follow," as we peruse the performance of our future prospects.

Fear not, fans.  Cashman is on the job.  We need more pitching, and he is delivering.

When is game time today?


Local Bargain Jerk said...

When is game time today?

The gen-yoo-wine Rolex Pearl Diver's watch I bought on a street corner from Yoibsy tells me the game is about 5 minutes after post time for the Kentucky Derby.

Like breaking out my white tuxedo jacket after Memorial Day, the Kentucky Derby means it's time for the first Gin & Tonic of the summer. I'll be opening a bottle of designer gin given to me as a gift by a well-meaning person.

So, here's to the Yoib-ster. Here's also to Montgomery.

Alphonso said...

And here's to American Dreamer.

Just for the record, I always try to make Mint Juleps on Derby Day. So far, no one ( except myself ) has liked them...most thought they were disgusting.

So I drank the entire batch. After about 3, they really taste great. You could be at Churchill Downs.

Here's to the gin and tonic summer.

I feel more at home, knowing that others have drinks and rituals to turn the seasons with.