Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Where Is Tyler Austin ?

Remember him?

His first at bat was a homer.  He played surprisingly well at first base, for a converted outfielder.  And he hit.  He was a contributing part of the Yankee offense.

He might be a "big name" in baseball , by now, were it not for an endless string of injuries.  But he gets hurt putting on his socks.  It has been forever and a day since he went on the DL, and he has simply vanished.

Why do we care?

Because Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi will still be saying, when my ship drops me off in
Hades, " that Greg Bird is going to hit.  We are not worried about him.  He is getting close to breaking out."

As Yogi always said, " It got late early out there yesterday."

We are trending badly now.  Opponents have figured it out;  " just walk Judge and let anyone else try to beat us.  But don't give him fastballs.  Don't give him strikes."

The other day, in the Pineapple loss to the O's, he tried too hard to win the game and struck out, lunging at a breaking ball, well off the plate in the dirt.  Like he did, (but learned from) all last year.

Now, he has to remain patient.  But when everyone else is in the tank, that is really hard for a rookie hero to do.

Tyler....please get better soon.  I don't want to be shoveling coal amidst the flames by the time Greg Bird gets a hit.

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joe de pastry said...

To finish Alphonso's sentence:
and he hit .241, with a lower OBP than Chris Carter.