Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Say Goodbye To Interest

I have to tell you, these latest deals by Cashman to, " add to our depth," have caused as bad a hangover as I have ever had.

I did drink the friggin' Kool-aid of hope. Lot's of it.  For the first time.  Last year and this spring.

I moved from general apathy to excitement as Yankee broadcasts appeared.  Watching some of our young talent was sobering and refreshing.  And I figured that because Yankees went in that direction last year ( Judge, Sanchez, Torreyes, Severino, Montgomery, Bird,), and they came so close to the WS, they would keep playing that hand.

Now, the re-treads start appearing.  Mediocre guys that Cashman tracked all winter before he even gave a look to our home grown talent.  As one of our guys reported from ground zero, Cashman was buried in his phone from the 6th inning on, so whoever was on the field no longer existed.  Our GM was looking to see if the Walker deal had gone down.

So here is my prediction:  No one makes the team this year.  Not a single prospect comes to NY with a uniform.

Not Torres.  Not Andjuhar.  Not Austin.  Not the Red menace. Not Cave. Not McKinney.  Not German.

No one.

 The farm system will wither away in coal country.  And line-up the firing squad come the July trade deadline.  Cashman is going " old veteran, former star " for his targets.  Death to us all.

We get former Mets and former Diamondbacks to mix in with what we put out there last season.  Only we are hugely degraded at second base.  And who knows, maybe Dreary Drury will prove better than Headley.  But there is no new blood.  No one to open eyes and generate memories.

This time old, failed strategy has me sliding off the cliff, and nothing has even happened yet.  I am reaching about, before things start, that I really don't care.  Wake me when its nearly over and tell me where we are.

  Do the Yankees really believe I will stay up all hours to see if Stanton hits a solo homer or strikes out?  Do they say to themselves, " We have given the fans enough.  We gave them Stanton, for cripes sake!"

We all know;  you don't win championships hitting solo home runs, bungling fly balls, sand striking out at a league-leading pace.

Won't it be exciting to watch the that out-of -shape Walker person in the line-up with Ellsbury?  And maybe we slip Adam Lind in there to steal bases.

I need a drink.  But I will inhale no more Kool aid from the Yankee front office.

They lie, cheat, steal and rob.

Remember;  I have had a bad feeling about this season for a long time.  Now we all know why.


13bit said...

Amen, Alphonso.

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