Monday, March 19, 2018

Yanks Acquire Fish Part

I was pre-mature in speculating that Jake Cave would remain a trading prospect.

But I was correct in seeing that Cashman has a trading addiction.  Personally, I would prefer that his addiction of choice be alcohol, drugs, gambling or fast cars.  Even unattractive waitresses from Tennessee would satisfy.

Because today, without really getting a good look at Jake Cave, we acquired this:

Someone named Gil from the Twins.

A young Dominican ( always a potential baseball prospect ) who claims to pitch.  He is a league below whatever is the lowest.

More " depth"has just been expended for a future no one can put to a timetable. I am convinced that this is a " counter-balance" in Cashman's mind to his obsession with acquiring veterans, no matter how mediocre.  He has to know he is irking the fans.  Now he can say, " but I just acquired an 18 year old flame-thrower."

Count on this;  if he is good, we'll never see him.  He will be cross-dealt for some other old, tired, boring wash-out veteran.

 Cashman deals players just like local politicians deal for votes, making campaign promises like,
 " I will grant huge increases to all pensions," without ever funding them.  And like the politicians, he will be long gone, basking in his beach house, before the price has to be paid.  Before we all realize he has pissed away another home grown talent for somebody else.  It is the action that arouses him.  Not the end result.

He is like the Alabama sheriff who took $740,000 out of a $750,000 fund meant for prisoner food, and built a beach house. The remainder went for cheese doodles in the mess hall.

Only in Alabama, is it legal for sheriffs to do this.  They have kept a depression era law on the books to support the practice.  And who calls Alabama backward?

And only on River Avenue, is it legal for Cashman to deal away our farm system for fish parts.

The chaos never ends.


Anonymous said...

"LIVE ARM"....



JM said...

This place is really depressing. For the simple reason that it's usually always right.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I agree, it was a terrible trade.

If you're not going to play Cave, at least keep him for part of a deal for a major-league pitcher, come July or so.

Much as I've defended Cashman of late, this is the sort of idiocy I cannot abide.

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