Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ten Little Outfielders

Ten little outfielders all in a row,
Jabari the Name was the first to go.
Nine little outfielders, still quite a wonder,
Then into the wall crashed our Red Thunder.
Eight little outfielders, fast and sleek,
Then Ells got grabbed by the durned o-bleak.
Seven little outfielders, stout and brave,
Then off went the man they know as Cave.
Six little outfielders, it's almost like they're hexed.
Who is the one who will go down next?

—Robert Lowell


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Six little outfielders, it's almost like they're hexed.
Who is the one who will go down next?

Hmmm...let's see....what rhymes with 'six'?

David in Cal said...

Six little outfielders, their ranks are getting skinny
I predict the next to leave the team is Bill McKinney.

Leinstery said...

Hate to be the one that derails this thing, but are we officially on Gleyber Refsnyder watch?

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Gleyber just optioned to AAA.

Needs to get his confidence back.

What better place than Scranton?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Well, he did miss half of last year, so maybe he was rusty.

The question is how he responds now...

David in Cal said...

Coming back from surgery must be difficult. It's fine that the operation was on his non-throwing arm, but both arms are involved in batting. I expect Torres to shine in AAA after he gets fully rehabilitated.

13bit said...

You know, I have always loved Robert Lowell. You could have used some hack, like Rod McKuen or somebody. Just saying. ;-)

HoraceClarke66 said...

He was a huge Red Sox fan, which accounted for his often suicidal depression.

But wait until you read Robert Frost's tribute to Fenway, "Big Fences Make Bad Hitters."

JM said...

David in Cal speaks truth. When sun rises high over PA, Torres club back to bigs.

Alphonso said...

Gleyber's surgery, as David Cone can ( and did ) attest, is a big deal. He clearly needs the time at Scranton to rehab.

If he is as good as the scouts seem to believe, it will show in AAA. And sooner, rather than later.

Many of our young " hopefuls" did fail to deliver at what I deemed to be crucial moments ( for them ) in the spring camp. It was true for Austin, McKinney, Andjuhar and others. But these were the dudes who had a shot. MCkinney came closest ( after Andjuhar slowed down offensively ), drawing walks in key moments. So he may not be fully dead yet.

Wade likely stays.

Everyone else; when your time comes to flash, you have to flash. You can't strike out looking. And you can't give up 5 earned runs in less than two innings in your final start ( talking to you, Chance ).

I'm not sure what more Domingo German could do. He looks really close to being ready for a role.