Friday, March 9, 2018

Sled Goalies

Well, no Soccer and no Yankees (of course) today.

Instead, the Times leads with a piece on Steve Cash, "the best sled hockey goalie in the world," as the Paralympics kick off.

It seems that, "For all the resources USA Hockey invests in developing able-bodied goaltenders, it had lagged on the sled hockey side until recently."  Indeed.

Elsewhere, in the Wide World of Random Sports, the Times treated us to pieces on how the Seahawks' defense is splitting up, Tiger Woods behind a tree, the Oklahoma and Louisville basketball teams, and the Dodgers' pitching staff.

Okay then.

We remain:  Soccer 37, Yankees 19.  Tomorrow, no doubt, we will get pig-sticking in Thailand!


Parson Tom said...

Are you reading print or digital? On line, the sports lineup included an obituary for perhaps the best-ever backgammon player. The Babe Ruth of backgammon. The Times is determined to make me a better man.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I'm relying strictly on print, because I refuse to give in on the idea of the newspaper. That is, a lot of stuff in one, handy dandy periodical.

If I have to look through five different websites for my news, why have a hard copy newspaper at all?

But I'm flabbergasted that the digital is no better. I pictured endless boxscores, and analysis from Billy Witz, who is doing...what, exactly, down there? Sipping banana daiquiris and shooting seagulls off the motel balcony?

Anonymous said...

If one has a print subscription to the NYT, one automatically qualifies for access to the digital content, at no extra charge. While I basically agree with HC66's sentiments on a "real" (i.e., printed) newspaper, the fact is that, at least out here in the boonies, the digital version arrives much faster than the print edition. LB (No J)

John M said...

That backgammon guy's obit was pretty interesting. I think that was the first backgammon story I've seen in long time, since I can't remember seeing another backgammon story. Plus, the guy started out in chess, conquered the world in backgammon, then kicked butt in poker. That's a pretty good run. No soccer, unfortunately.