Thursday, February 14, 2019

CC or not, the Yankees are feeling old

Yesterday, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, CC Sabathia announced that 2019 will be his final year. No, he doesn't expect to die. He was talking about throwing baseballs.

But if you consider the stent in his arteries and the close-call that recently required CC to undergo an angioplasty procedure, he might be secretly worrying about meeting his maker. And all Yankee fans should worry about his upcoming season as the anointed fifth starter.

Despite the chatter accompanying the additions of Happ, Paxton, LeMahieu et al, the Yankees have basically reconstituted the team that lost three out of four to Boston last fall - with one change: They're older. 

Let's play a little parlor game. In baseball, position players generally are said to peak around age 27-28, and pitchers do it a little later - 28-29. You can argue the numbers, but why bother? It's a parlor game, okay? Who do you think you are, Dr. Reason A. Goodman?

So, looking at the current everyday lineup, how do we stack up as pre-and post-peak? (I'm leaving out Ellsbury, because he'll never play a down for us.)

Miguel Andujar (24): +3
Troy Tulowitski (34): -6
DJ LeMahieu (31): -3
Brett Gardner (36): -8

Aaron Judge (27): PEAK
Aaron Hicks (29): -1
Giancarlo Stanton (29): -1 
Luke Voit (29): -1

Gleyber Torres (22): +5
Greg Bird (26): +1
Gary Sanchez (26): +1

TEAM: -10

And now, Boston: (I'm leaving out Pedroia, because I don't think he'll ever play for them.) 
Mookie Betts (26): +1
Andrew Benintendi (25): +2
JD Martinez (32): -4
Jackie Bradley Jr. (29): -1 
Xander Bogaerts (26): +1
Raphael Devers (22): +5
Christian Vazquez (29): -1
Eduardo Nunez (32): -4
Brock Holt (31): -3

Steve Pearce (36): -8
TEAM: -12 

What does all this mean? Fuck if I know. If, say, Clint Frazier (24) were to take over in left field, or a younger shortstop were to emerge, the Yankees could have a clear youthful advantage. But I guess it will come down to pitching staffs, and that should be for another day.

When you're in a two-team league, comparisons are easy - and deceiving. But make no mistake: The Yankees and Redsocks are showing shades of gray. 


13bit said...

It has all been bullshit - the "youth movement," the "luxury tax" maneuver, the statements about injuries and the . All bullshit. The public relations department is running the team. It's "how can we sell more seats at the stadium we complain about paying for, but did not really need." time. It's all bullshit. It's not about the baseball. It most certainly IS about the money and how to monetize everything. That's fine, so long as you're still trying to put THE VERY BEST FUCKING TEAM ON THE FIELD. They are most emphatically not doing that. They are building a house by going to various auctions, buying little chunks of old houses that once looked kind of okay, then bolting them on to the existing shithole shack.


We will still lack pitching. Our pitching woes are going to make this season hard to bear.

Fuck you, Brian.


Jacarl Ellsvano

Vampifella said...

I just read the news about Ellsbury. "Jacoby Ellsbury won’t be reporting to camp until next month, as he’s currently being slowed by a case of plantar fasciitis." Basically heel pain.

So that's why we have not heard anything about him all winter long. I knew something was up.
I've my suspicions though. I think he's in for a Bird type mystery illness that will keep him out for most of this year. No chance of getting Johnny Cueto then. LOL!

KD said...

The Yanks would rather collect insurance payouts on Ellsbury than to simply cut him, pay him what is owed, and free up a,roster spot. His next health issue will be swamp ass, another 15 days on the DL.

JM said...

Jacarl Ellsvano has, you know, his ankle.

Ankles are the new ribcage pulls.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Actually, I have plant fascitis. I do. A doctor diagnosed it 12 years ago. I was prescribed rubber heel cups to wear in each shoe.

After maybe three months, my heels stopped hurting. I retired the heel cups. I haven't worn them since.

Now, I'm not saying i put anything like the stress of a major-league ballplayer on them. But hey, neither does Ellsbury!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Love "Reason A. Goodman," Duque!

And brilliant rant, 13bit! Right on!

Local Bargain Jerk said...

The Yanks would rather collect insurance payouts on Ellsbury than to simply cut him, pay him what is owed, and free up a,roster spot

KD: I tend to agree with you, but I strongly suspect we're still missing some piece of information. If Ellsbury is not in fact injured, what is he getting from the Yankees that would induce him to stay on the sidelines? The day that Ellsbury says the words "I am ready to play", out loud, in front of reporters with microphones, the insurance policy stops paying.

So, is he truly suffering from an 18-month injury? Or did the Yanks give him something like half the insurance payment to convince him to continue his program of jogging in the shallow end of the pool? Or did they promise him a long-term contract to be an "adviser"? Or is he as fragile as a Fabergé Egg and truly chronically injured?

All those except perhaps the last seem like feeble guesses. Some key piece of info is missing.

Thoughts anyone?

TheWinWarblist said...

Love, Jacarl Ellsvano!?

I love you Bitty!