Thursday, July 17, 2014

drunk glob (Continued) Carlos Beltran, you're dead to me

Remember how they said Carlos Beltran was going to make the Hall of FAme this year. Actually, not this year. They said last winter. he was an outside shot to make the Hall. But the one thing he needed was a good year in New York City, to make up for the way his Met career ended - taking three Adam Wainwrights right down the pipe, goobye.

Beltran is having his entire career go down the crapper as a result of this Yankee experience, which is worse than the Mets. If anybody thinks he's going to make the Hall - well - maybe the Mel Hall. (Hah ha) Cooperstown - hah. He'll be lucky to make Oneonta. Unless he starts hitting, the sportswriters are going to go Dick Young on him, and he could be Tom Seavered out of NY. The early 1990s were filled with big ticket Yankee flops (Steve Kemp, Danny Tartabull, etc.) and they don't get asked back for encores. my head hurts, and i can't get my phone to download pictures.


Anonymous said...

This post just further validates one thing - I will take a binging, drunk and belligerent el duque over John M. any day of the damn week....

Alphonso said...

I also favor long-term binges.

I also think the signing of Beltran should have gotten Cashman fired.

And I have exactly 47 other, well-documented reasons why he should be fired.

Actually, he should be dumped without ceremony.


KD said...

As our leader takes his annual passage through the Valley of Drunken Debauchery, let us all pray for his safe return. God Speed, my friend!!

Charles said...

HAHAHA Anonymous!

It was not long ago that Y O U were crowing about the second coming of Carlos Beltran whilst shooting down a pessimistic post by John M!

Wrong again!