Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Holy Nutra-system! Papi has slimmed down!

He's now Little Papi! He must have gone on Jenny Craig in the off-season!
Check out the sunken cheeks. He looks grrrrrrreat! (Shown right, describing himself from last year.)
Redsock fans sure have be happy with Papi's sleek new look, which is reminscent of the 2007 base-stealing, bunt-and-run, Billyball style of Jason Giambi, after he went on his own rapid-reduction weight-loss plan.
Look for Papi to steal more bases in 2010. Hey, a little birdie tells me that Boston may regret signing Marco Scutero. They've had the answer to their shortstop problem right in front of them all along.
"Batting leadoff... the shortstop... David Ortiz!"


Joe DePastry said...

who's the chubby guy standing in front of him?

GWC3 said...

And why is he holding a glove?

Anonymous said...

I heard Big Papi cut down on the chimichurros,that's why he's lost weight.

Stan Simek

Steven said...

That "Chubby" is Mike Cameron, looking ready to go to defend the Red Sox 2nd Place title.

Anonymous said...

Them some powerful eyedrops.