Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pie in the face is so-oh-nine: What will our walk-off celebration be in 2010?

QUESTION: Should the Yankees continue Walk-Off Cream Pies in the face from 2009, or come up with a new rite of celebratory humiliation?

I vote, NEW.

We can't just go back to the old ways. We don't have Hideki. We don't have Johnny. We don't have Walk-off Melky. We can't pretend they're here. We need a new tradition of walk-off festivities!

So here are some options:

Walk off grab of butt

Walk off cake and party!

Walk off dunk head into bucket of white paint.

Walk off Predator air-strike in Afghanistan, watched by crowd on JumboTron.

Walk off ceremonial dusting with colored sands.

Walk off eating of 50 hard-boiled eggs in half-hour.

Waddle off wedgie.


Tiger Woods said...

I vote for option #1.

Dave Letterman said...

I am jealous of Tiger.

Joe DePastry said...

Whose butt?
Kim Jones?
Is that OK with her?

Anonymous said...

Butt-tocks !