Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A petition to rename the Rolaids Relief Award for Mariano Rivera

I hereby support this and vow to never use another Rolaids tablet until justice is served, and the change is made.

And considering the state of the Yankees, I would expect to consume thousands of cases of Rolaids in 2014. Unless this change is made, I will go elsewhere. Somebody get me a Tums.

I would write more but - ooooh, the acid indigestion. Hear my cry, Rolaids. There is only one person who can save you.  


Mustang said...

It's about time someone paid tribute to Mariano Rivera!

John M said...

You could always transfer the name from Rolaids to the much less-known stomach aid, Eno.

It could be the Eno Ambient Music for Ballparks Relief Award.

Jesus, I need some coffee...too early...