Monday, January 6, 2014

Why the Yankees must never become the Padres

His grandfather's funeral arrangement.


Unsustainable BABIP said...

My dad passed away just after Thanksgiving (from Parkinson's -- Parkinson's SUCKS) and while we didn't have a flower arrangement like that, we did put a Yankee cap in the casket. We'd spend hours on the phone during the post-season, because if something good happened while we were talking, of course we couldn't hang up (until something bad happened -- then we had to break the momentum). I don't know when the next Yankee post-season will be but I do know that Octobers will never be the same...

el duque said...

Thanks, man, for reminding me that I'm not crazy.

My dad hated hated the Yankees more than life itself. We dueled, sometimes to dangerous levels. But after he died, rooting for the Yankees just wasn't as important. It took years to recover.

I'm not saying there's sanity in this, because I'm not a religious guy. But when the Yankees are playing, I believe my dad is watching. Always will. Wait a minute, maybe I am crazy.