Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One New York Post writer - out of nine - voted Don Mattingly for the Hall

If there ever was a definition of Reverse Homerism, well, here you go.

Nine NY Post writers voted this year for the Hall of Fame. Here are the vote totals from that august group:

Glavine: 9
Maddux: 9
Piazza: 8
Thomas: 8
Bonds: 7
Biggio: 6
Clemens: 6
Bagwell: 4
Morris: 4
Raines: 4
Schilling: 4
Mussina: 3
E. Martinez: 2
Kent: 1
Mattingly: 1
McGwire: 1
Palmeiro: 1
Sosa: 1
Walker: 1

I understand them honoring Glavine, Maddox, et al. But it's both revealing and sad that New York writers would value Curt Schilling more than Mike Mussina, or Edgar Martinez (who never played in the field) above the likes of Donnie Baseball. 

It's the reason Roger Maris isn't in the hall. It's why Thurman Munson, Ron Guidry, and Bernie Williams will never make it. New York writers feel compelled to downplay the value of New York players. They don't want to be accused of favoring the home team. They think the Yankees get too much attention, so they self-regulate. And if your own beat writers don't support you...

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Ben Dover said...

I'm sure the NYTimes' writers are in that group. Most of them appear to be Sox fans anyways.