Monday, January 20, 2014

R.I.P. Carlos Silva, the quiet passenger

Sad news. Carlos Silva, the silent presence during every Yankee radio broadcast, has died of cancer at age 50.

Silva produced the games, and from the teasing way that John and Suzyn spoke about him and to him, it was clear that he was part of a closely knit family.

I saw a picture of him today. He looked nothing like I envisoned. For some reason - my own hangups, probably - I pictured him as a twentysomething engineer, someone who was chiding - and constantly being chided by - the stars of the booth. In fact, he had a long and successful career, a wife and a family, and I am sure that, among those who knew and worked with him, he cannot be replaced.

The show will go on. It always does. But 50... that is way too soon.


John M said...

From the story you linked to...hats off to Suzyn for beating cancer and for this nice statement:

While battling cancer, Silva found great support on the job from Waldman, a breast cancer survivor.

“Carlos Silva came to this country with nothing but the clothes on his back and a dream,” Waldman told WCBS 880 in an email Sunday. “He raised a beautiful family, sent two daughters to college, became a citizen, and a beloved part of the Yankees Family. He put up an arduous fight against the worst enemy one can have. He will be missed terribly, but will never be forgotten.”

KD said...

so sad when we lose one of our family. my mind turns to Bobby Murcer and I worry about Alphonso too.

el duque said...

Alphonso's recovering nicely. I expect him to be blogging any day now. Right, Alph?

KD said...

Very good news! even better than Tom Brady losing to Payton yesterday. I say that because I imagine that most New England fans are also redsocks fans.

John M said...

KD, I think you're right about that. I routinely root against NE for that reason. When the Jints beat them in the Super Bowl with a comeback, that was sooo great.