Monday, April 17, 2017

Here's What's Great

Seven wins in a row.  Seven.

Chase Headley is playing out of his head.  He has a .531 OBP.

Aaron Hicks, after a demoralizing 2016 campaign is contributing.

Ditto Ellsbury.

Michael Pineda has shown consistency.  Just using the words "Pineda" and "consistency" in the same sentence before 2017 would have been laughable.  It may still be but, over the past two starts, he's been consistently excellent.  If he wins his next one, he can wear his hat any way he wants.

CC crafted what could be called a "fine performance by an aging veteran".  Watching him on Saturday was like watching a 72-year-old carpenter building a nice bookcase in your formal den, taking time to add a few subtle flourishes just because he thought they might look nice.  

Aaron Judge is a physical specimen.  I look forward to his at bats. The man was down 0-2, fought back to a full count, and then hit a homer that some dipshit fan misplayed for him into a triple.

But it didn't matter, because Bird was the next batter and he hit a towering home run.  Even if it's for one game only, Bird looks like he regained his stroke.  His OBP last night was 1.000.

We don't seem to miss the loss of two players everyone thought of as our best — Gregorius and Sanchez — because their replacements, Torreyes and Romine, have stepped up and done the job.  When we have all these guys back, jeez, this is going to be fun.

But what's the greatest part?

Jordan Montgomery is pitching tonight.  I am truly excited and looking forward to seeing what he can do.  If he hangs in there and is the gamer he appears to be, man, this is going to be fun.  Here's a quote from him that appeared in yesterday's NY Post.  He was asked, "What is you mound mentality?":
Just try and be as aggressive as I can. Be in attack mode the whole time I’m out there, and just go after the hitters, not try and nibble, but just trust my work, trust my preparation and if I do it right the ball’s gonna go where it’s supposed to. If you’re touchy-feely with it, the wheels are gonna come off quick.
In my next business meeting, I'm going to say "If you're touchy-feely with it, the wheels are gonna come off quick."  People will be impressed.  

I want this guy on my team.   I want this team on my team.  

I am looking forward to tonight's game like I haven't looked forward to a game in a few years.

Yowsah.  Next up is Yogi's number.

Which, by the way, is great.


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I love Kool Aid and I'll keep drinking it.

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That IS great.

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