Saturday, April 29, 2017

MY Experience Watching The game

The gods do not want me to post this, because I keep getting nearly finished and my thoughts vanish along with the text.

So I tune in yesterday  to watch CC, and hope that he still has some of that, " wisdom magic," with which to dazzle the O's, and keep us in the game.

We go down, early, by two runs and I send my first text to Duque and Mustang.  I then move for some fortification ( Tequila, fresh lime, left over sausage and roasted pepitas ), and settle in.

I blink and we are down 4-0, and my text to Duque reads:  "  It is time to return to that yard work.  We ain't gonna score 5 tonight."

I then use a common technique when recording the games ( which I always due, to avoid noxious commercials ), and I flipped the channel to Planet Earth.  Some dude is climbing a 40 + meter tree in the rainforest, using only a vine and a stone age axe to give him some footing as he propels himself straight fucking up.  He is undertaking this little adventure to then reach a limb extending above the canopy ( where he has to balance with no assist ),  pound a hole in the branch, reach into the hole and pull out fresh honey combs to fill a basket he can lower ( by vine 0 to the ground.  Meanwhile, he is holding a bunch of smoldering leaves to provide smoke, to calm the bees attacking him.  He is doing this to please his wife and gain respect in the village.

Once he is back on ground, I flip back to YES and see a 9-1 score.  I wondered if Aaron got ahold of one for our lone score.  But it is time for my final text to Duque, basically saying this game is long gone, and I head for dinner.

My wife is not impressed with my day, as I did not climb anything above a curb and secured no fresh sweets.  But dinner was amazing, even with no more tequila.

I return to the game, live, and join at 11-8 Baltimore,just as we close out the top of the 9th.  Then, the real magic begins.  I hear of Jacoby's grand slam, his 100th career homer.  I hear of how Mitchell crapped the bed, in relief.  I saw a replay of Judge's 2 run dinger to monument park.

All of a sudden, guys are on base and Starlin is on one knee.  It is a tie game. In the bottom of the 9th, and I send out for more Tequila.  Chapman arrives in Joe's normal scenario for tie-games at home.  He is awesome, unlike that struggle in Boston.  The Birds do nothing.

The bottom of the 10th was like a train wreck for the Buck and his crew.  You just sensed, after being up 9-1 and then 11-4, and looking at a tie game this moment, that they were done.

Even our back-up catcher drew a walk ( how did he get in this game ?), and then we see Matt Holliday stroll to the plate.  This guy is now on a hot streak, and he is the first dangerous DH we have had, maybe ever.
After the jumping for joy,  and the hefty lady's interview with Matt, I sent a closing, garbled text to Duque about a Big Win for the yankees.

But this one really makes you think.

What if Bird ever finds his way?  What if Sanchez comes back like his debut last season?

But we can't be giving up 11 runs.

 Or we'll all have to go climb a tree.


13bit said...

These are the kind of games we have not been able to win for years.

My own mental illness shows up when I think: "What if Sanchez returns and ruins the chemistry?"

I need to stay in the moment here. Oh shit, I'm not even married and I have to go climb that tree and make a hole in the branch.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice night out on the Left Coast, Fonz - - but - - didn't you consider Hideki Matsui a "dangerous" DH?? I sure as hell did. He's one of my favorite all-time Yankees.
The freak-show continued today (no, I didn't watch it - - just DVR'd it (but I did watch some of the Gameday cartoonish thingy, toward the end....didn't think Tommy Lane was going to get them out, there, for a bit. LB (No J)

Anonymous said...


John M said...

13bit, I, too, worry about chemistry. But moving Didi back into his slot seems to have damaged nothing. If Sanchez can replace Romine and continue his hot start, that will obviously be good, also.

But I worry. Even with this start, I worry, "Is this going to end soon? Will we go into a nosedive and end up in third by Father's Day?"

I can't help it.

Alphonso said...

I have similar fears...about Didi and Gary ruining the mix. Didi has hit and made great defensive plays. Happily, even Ronald got an at bat and, of course, singled up the middle ( Rizzuto style ). Romine, I fear, will be trade bait or wasted. He is showing his abilities, but they won't return ( I fear ) when he is an occasional, bench player.

It's been a long time since we have had depth like this. Starters sitting on the pine.

In LA, you can get tequila delivered any time. Plus, we have a Ralphs ( "pretty good grocery " ) in easy walking distance.