Thursday, April 27, 2017

Whew !

Scaling the Big Monster.

Even a girl can do it.

Everything changed for me about 9pm EST.  I found a char-broiled, in-bone, Cornish hen on a skewer, and a bottle of 7000 year old Persian wine.

(The wine tradition in Persia began 7000 years ago, not this individual bottle. But I enjoyed writing that).

So, the Yankees yesterday on tape, today.

My not watching helped that ball go 15 feet wide of fair.

I'll need a new game plan today.

Nice work by everyone.


KD said...

One of the advantages of dumping Comcast for Direct TV is the no-brains-needed-to-use DVR. After that booming foul, I was so rattled I put the game on pause and went to get a drink. I was certain Pistol Pete was going to blow this one. Drink in hand, I went back to the game. You know the rest.

so, I have a new form of juju this year. To be practiced in hairy situations only in the ninth and only when down to the final out. Pause the game, get me some Woodford Reserve, resume the game and savor bourbon and victory both!

Alphonso said...

Always a fine plan. Even if things go wrong...the Woodford is soothing.

This is good therapy for anyone.

joe de pastry said...

Suggested therapy for Matt Holliday: stay in the hotel and get loaded.
Give Carter a shot at the Monster.