Saturday, April 8, 2017

I Just Want You All To Know, That I a m Still Lurking, Right Near BY

The Austin boy is already resting on a soft nest, in my lair.  We have his foot propped up.  He is 4-6 weeks away, and that is an optimistic view.

So is...." what's his name?"  Didi somebody?

And when did Mason Williams get here?  ( I have been on vacation in the New Hebrides, and have some " catching up " to do).

We have also just reserved a spot for James Kaprielian, and I expect him to be a long term guest.  I promise, we will treat him well as he adds another year or more to his baseball career, with no stats to regard.

Today, if you are watching, there is talk of Greg Bird's foot.  Sure, X-rays were negative.  But he was injured by a ball in St. Petersburg, Florida.  quite a while ago.  And that foot, still barking, is now the " official" reason for his absence today. I would rather we hear, " he is pressing and needs a day off."  But that is not the "word." Another Doctor has been summoned to review the case.

I took Greg to the swamp last year and we had quite a visit.  Nice young man. A bit "star-crossed," though.  And an ailing foot can be tricky.  They are a lot like wrists.  Lots of tiny, inter-mingled bones.  One fracture, and you can't play ball.  I believe he will be coming for an extended stay. And we all had such great hopes for him.

It is going to be a lengthy season, so I have assembled cousins and friends, and we are all gathering reeds to dry in the sun. They will make fine nests for the next Yankee wounded, soon to arrive.

Yours in regret,

The Black Swan


Leinstery said...

So we just lost Gary. To what? He hurt his elbow swinging a bat. God. Damn. It.

Mustang said...

I came here to say I admire your work, Black Swan. That Sanchez injury was a twist I didn't see coming.

Anonymous said...

Oh HELL NA!!!!! Mets time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your own efficiency must overwhelm you, Swannie! What - - or who - - would we have to cough up to induce you to focus on the 2017 World Champion Team of Destiny (TM) for the rest of the season?? I'll chip in - - how 'bout the rest of you Geezers?? LB (No J)